Gorichka.bg - The Green e-Zine

Client: Gorichka
Website: gorichka.bg
Status: Offline
Release Date: 15.02.2007
Category: e-Zine
Maintenance: 2006-2009

Gorichka.bg is an iniitative of Magdalena Maleeva, focused in positive ecologic and media projects. The website is an e-zine, listing the projects, events, and publications of Gorichka. It also provides the back-office with a complete CMS for the entire website's content.

Since February 2007 users can register in the website and comment the articles. Later they'll be able to participate in the website forum. Since March 2007 there's a Carbon Calculator tool, which helps users to calculate their carbon emissions and to offset them by buying trees for the next tree planting initiative of Gorichka. Since June 2007 Gorichka.bg e-zine has a fully functional English version.

Since January 2008 Gorichka.bg is face-lifted, with a new section "breaking news".


Graphic design concept: Fontan2
Website interface (front-end development), forum interface (phpBB theme), back-end development & CMS, maintenance: Pixelflower

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