Client: Sanbolic
Status: Offline
Release Date: 30.07.2013
Category: Informational Website

Sanbolic develops distributed computing architecture for the storage layer in early cloud data centers. Sanbolic Melio platform combines a massively scalable distributed clustered file system with other advanced technologies to optimize data management across any enterprise infrastructure. The company website is one of the main tools for presenting information about the Melio platform.

Sanbolic has noticed increased bounce-rate of website customers during the last year. They wanted to improve user experience, increase the time spent on the site and help their customers find the necessary information easier.

We started with analysis of the current website problems. We decided to preserve the current graphic design, cleaning unnecessary visual elements. We totally rebuilt the website with a simple and clean navigation and added the missing functional elements. We've merged the information from the two different CMSs into one, which made the website look behave more consistent and helped the Sanbolic team update the information easily.


Graphic design concept: Rizn
Website interface (front-end development), custom WordPress theme development, data integration for existing database content and resources: Pixelflower

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