Client: Gorichka
Website: gorichka.bg
Status: Online
Release Date: 13.09.2012
Category: Informational Website, e-Zine
Maintenance: 2006-2014

Gorichka is an iniitative of Magdalena Maleeva, focused in positive ecologic and media projects. The activities and events of Gorichka, included in the website, are integrated with a blog software, providing users with the option to comment the published content.

As a part of the website is preserved the so-called Online Resource Center - the first version of Gorichka - an e-zine, listing author publications, news and events, as well as a specially developed CO2 calculator.


Graphic design concept: Fontan2
Website interface (front-end development), custom WordPress theme development, integration of existing database and resources, maintenance: Pixelflower

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